Tesla’s Simple Business Strategy You Can Implement Immediately

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“I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary.” — Elon Musk Tesla recently announced their $35k car, a massive drop from their typical $100k+ cars. Why would they do this? This is the opposite of conventional wisdom. Most people start with cheap offers to “get you in the door,” so eventually you […]

Yes, you should write a fucking business plan.

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I know business plans aren’t in vogue. They’re not popular. Many of the startups that I talk to either don’t have one or laugh at the idea of writing one. They’ve read the Lean Startup, and all they’ve taken away from the book is “fuck planning, startups don’t need it” — which totally misses the entire point […]

I Can’t Tell You Why Our Business Is Growing

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On my way to the co-working space, I grabbed my mobile to read the same Slack message yet another time: “Ali, that’s good, but we should look at what converts.” It never failed. It was either a client or a colleague on the same marketing team. There was always someone who never missed the perfect […]